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  • Oil Painting Portrait Gift-
  • Personal Oil Portrait Painting Gift
  • Mother and Daughter Oil Portrait Painting
  • Oil Portrait Painting-Irish girl
  • Oil Portrait Painting Family
  • Pastel Portrait of two children
  • Elderly Portrait Oil Painting
  • Gardening with the Grandchildren family pastel painting
  • Child Pastel Portrait Artwork
  • Pastel Portrait of a young child
  • Oil Portrait Painting of young Man
  • Watercolour Portrait of a young lady
  • Watercolour Portrait of two
  • Oil Portrait of Elderly Couple dancing
  • Oil Portrait Painting in Pastels
  • Oil Portrait of Ancestor
  • Oil Portrait Painting of his father
  • Pastel Portrait of 7
  • Wedding Oil Portrait of Mother and Daughter
  • Charcoal Portrait of brothers
  • Charcoal and Pastel Portrait of two
  • Charcoal Portrait of three young boys
  • Pastel Pencil Portrait of Young Girl in sepia
  • Father and baby charcoal portrait for Father's Day
  • Charcoal Portrait of My Father
  • Pastel Portrait Man in Brown
  • Champion Dog Pastel Portrait
  • Pastel Portrait of a Goat
  • Pastel Pet Portrait of a Dog
  • Pastel on Black velvet- Pet Dog portrait
  • Reclining Dog Pet Portrait in Oil Paint


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