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Photo Picture to Painting Artwork - Pastel wedding portrait

POSTED ON September,2016

Pastel Wedding Portrait

Dog Pet Portrait Pastel

This Pastel Wedding Portrait was well received. Size 60x45cms. It was created on Aubergine Colourfix primed paper.

The object of the Wedding portrait was to create the joyous feeling of the day and I think this comes through when viewing it. The angle of the bride's face was particularly challenging to get right. The painting was well received.

However it is important that when commissioning a pastel portrait to make sure you do not touch the surface when you see the artwork. All my paintings come with instructions on how to best care for the work. This particular pastel came back to me with about 14 fingerprints in it to be corrected before it was to be framed.

The Photo

The Pastels this Painting was created from

pastel portrait artwork materials


Care of a Pastel Portrait

  • Hang painting away from any direct sunlight. Any sunlight hitting the glass will create a build up of moisture creating mildew, discolour the matt surrounding the painting and will also fade the colours of the painting.
  • When transporting the painting always travel with it laying on its back (the picture side up).
  • Never lay the painting face side down.
  • This painting has been created with the highest professional quality products available on the market.
  • This painting has a LifeTime Guarantee so if there are any defects resulting from any problems in manufacturers materials etc other than accidents or negligence on owners part please return it to me for correction.


The Painting Process

The Undercoat
Undercoat completed
Closeup of facial work


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