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Photo Picture to Painting Artwork - Pet Portrait from Gift Voucher

POSTED ON September,2016

This Painting was created from the below photo. It was created in Pastel on brown colourfix primed paper. The pastels were of various different high quality pigment intense brands. The client was very happy with the work. As you can see the pastel drawing artwork is not an exact duplicate of the photo but an artist's interpretation. The darker background adds warmth to the pet dog portrait.

When photographing the artwork the camera will distort the colours and tones. These photos will exaggerate errors which in reality are not evident in the original. I have at times had clients visit my studio to advise me on corrections but have found none to be made when they viewed it live.

Gift Voucher Pet Portrait

Dog Pet Portrait Pastel

This Pastel Pet Portrait was well received. Size 30x40cms.

The Photo

The Pastels this Painting was created from

pastel portrait artwork materials


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Sheila.....posted 16th Sept 2016

Love your new website!


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